Daniel James reflects on how he lost his place at Manchester United

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Leeds United winger Daniel James sits back and reflects on how he lost his place in the starting line-up at Manchester United until he was sold. Because he lacked the courage to play in the eye-catching style in the first place. until becoming the home footsteps of the big camp. So I will take such lessons to teach myself.

James made a bold move after joining from Swansea in the summer of 2019, scoring three goals in his first four games. But then, in the middle of the season. The end of the season, the form has slipped from the reserve for a long time, continuing in 2020-21

The final straw at Old Trafford came this summer when the club signed two brand-name names, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, adding there was also Jesse Lingard returns from West Ham on loan with full confidence. As a result, the 23-year-old was sold to Elland Road for up to £30 million.

When analyzing the mistakes over two years in the United shirt. The Welshman finds himself playing too much for sure. Don’t dare to risk making a difference like the first days. 

Daniel James reflects on how he lost his place at Manchester United

“I think everyone probably had a time in their careers where they didn’t realize what was going on until looking back. And there are good people around to help analyze what has passed.” Opening the mouth to ‘Telegraph Football’

“It was then that I started to have the idea of – What things can players of the same position do? So can I do the same? – Instead of thinking about developing their own games be our identity. That point led to playing safe football.” 

“Even though I have a knack for attacking, running behind the scenes, dragging a burning ball at an opponent, trying to do those things. and not afraid to lose possession of the ball. But gradually drifted away from it to play to save up.”  

“Until I stepped out of it It made me think that we had to play through the same way forward.  So don’t leave yourself Playing safe-first is dangerous for players in my position. You didn’t go on the field to do that. Our job is to score goals, provide assists, run on the grass with or without the ball.”

In all 4,654 minutes he played as Manchester United, 74 games, He scoring nine goals and providing nine assists.