Emergency deal! Newcastle hoping release Dybala’s contract

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Emergency deal! Newcastle spends £11m hoping to release Dybala’s contract to strengthen his skills.

Newcastle United prepares to use their wallets to solve the crisis. Paid to buy the contract of to strengthen the team within this month. Even though the team is having financial problems.

Newcastle United prepared to shell out money to solve the injury and performance crisis. By paying for the contract of Paulo Dybala, Roma ‘s famous striker, to strengthen the army within this month. Even though the Salika team is having financial problems. Until there was news that important players might have to be released. Leave the team

Eddie Howe’s Newcastle team has faced a crisis with dozens of injuries and suspensions over the past two months, until Salavan’s performance has deteriorated significantly, being eliminated in the first round of the UEFA Champions League and losing 6 out of 7 Premier League games. The league has until now only ranked 10th.

Newcastle’s problems are also compounded by FFP financial rules.

Which prohibit club owners from injecting money directly into their teams, regardless of where their wealth comes from. By having to rely on the club’s income as the main focus only As a result, there are rumors that key men like Alexander Isak, Bruno Guimarães, Miguel Almiron or Cholinton may be sold soon.

However ยูฟ่าเบท reported. That Newcastle is preparing to spend 11 million pounds or 13 million euros to Roma in order to acquire Dybala to strengthen the offensive line in the market. This month

Even that number is incredibly light. But it is according to the contract release option that the Argentine striker made with Roma when he moved from Juventus to join the Roma team in the summer of 2022.

To amend the said option to be ineffective. The only way is for Roma to offer Dybala a special bonus of 3-5 million euros only.

However, the report adds that. The salary figure that Dybala receives with Roma is a whopping more than 180,000 pounds per week. It could also be a problem for Newcastle. Who must use their money as carefully as possible in order to meet the FFP criteria.