Ghost orders Mason Greenwood ban during police investigation.

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Manchester United ban young striker Mason Greenwood Police are questioning his model girlfriend. Who accuses the England international of physically assaulting her.

The club said the star forward would not play. UFABET Or train with the team An investigation into Harriet Robson’s Instagram posts continues.

Allegations of video, photographs and audio recordings purport to be a conversation. Between Mason Greenwood and his girlfriend were posted on Harriet Robson’s Instagram early Sunday.

Shortly after The female model deleted the clip. And various posts leave all instagram.

Later, the Red Devils state in a statement that. “We are aware of the images. and the allegations already spread on social media. We do not make any comments more until the facts are identified.”

“Manchester United will never forgive any violence.”

Greater Manchester Police have make aware of Greenwood’s alleged assault. And intimidate the aforemention.

  On Harriet Robson’s Instagram. Which has more than 200,000 followers. He post pictures of his body parts. With bruises Including clips of bleeding in the mouth as well. By stating that it is the work of the red devil spearhead.

History Mason Greenwood.

Born October 1, 2001, English footballer,   height 5 feet 11 inches, forward position, currently playing, causing a lawsuit to make the agency like Manchester United End his role as a player for the club.

Mason Greenwood first started playing at youth club level with Manchester United in 2007-2018, then moved up to professional club football with the team. Manchester United which was the top league of England in 2018

  • In 2022  , a lawsuit occurred, causing the agency like Manchester United. End his role as a player for the club.