Lazio players are adjusting and learning about the boss plans

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Maurizio Sarri assistant Giovanni Martusciello has revealed the Lazio players are adjusting and learning about the boss plans. And confident that the consequences are coming soon.

The White Eagles drew with Torino with the score 1-1 in Serie A on Thursday. This gives Rome’s top team eight points from five games.

“It’s a good performance against teams that are difficult to duel at the moment,” said Martusciello. Who will replace Sarri due to a ban, said Sky Sport Italia.

“We had a problem in the first half and conceded a goal. But he responds well and scores a goal.

“We lack continuity in training. because we don’t have time to work So it hasn’t absorbed all the basic tactics yet.

“The consequences are coming. We wanted to offer a different style of football that Lazio has been accustomed to over the last four to five years. Players are enjoying themselves. But it takes time to see what we bring in training to transform performance into competition.”

Lazio players are adjusting and learning about the boss plans

According to ​Goal, he told ufabet : “We saw a physical dip after the hour mark and it was tough against a side like Napoli who pass it so well, but we also got distracted and should’ve made more of the situation when 3-0 up. You can concede goals, but not three in 16 minutes. Perhaps we felt sated by going 3-0 up and allowed Napoli to bite back.

“When there are errors of positioning and then reaction, you’re going to concede goals against players of this quality. I want to focus on the very positive performance in the first hour, but some fear set in after they got back into it. I’ve been here for around a month and even in the pre-season friendlies.

I was amazed by the way this squad does not give up. They gave their all and kept going to achieve something from the game and it is a remarkable trait.”

It remains to be seen if Juventus can do better in the games to come, considering they also struggled a bit to win in their opening game of the Serie A as well.