Ronald Koeman admits Bayern Munich is better

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Ronald Koeman admits Bayern Munich is better. Ronald Koeman tried his best but Azulgrana could not resist Bayern Munich’s strength. Before the Bundesliga side reinforced their old wounds in a 3-0 victory.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman admits Bayern Munich showed a superior team after their 3-0 defeat at Camp Nou. He played in the first leg of the Champions League group stage, but the Dutch coach has lamented the limited availability of the squad, with only three forwards available, according to Mundo Deportivo and ufabet

‘Today we only had three strikers, nothing more,’ Koeman said after the game. We try to fill the gap near Lewandowski, of course we try to compete better. But that’s what it is.’ 

‘I can’t say anything about the attitude of the team. There is a difference in quality in the team. Overall and backup is better as well. This is a team we have with very good young players who in a few years will become a better team. It is difficult to accept. But this is what exists.’

‘We had a good start. But we have difficulty reaching the top because of the situation. We were unlucky with the first goal, then 0-2 it was very difficult, Bayern showed that they are a better team than us.’

‘You have to be patient, Bayern is one of the favorites to win the title. we lack speed So we try to get energy from young players. There is a difference between our boys and their players. The young players showed that they have a good future. But today there are still some gaps.’ 

Koeman also defended Sergi Roberto, who was booed by fans. ‘I don’t like being booed at my players, we know that Sergi is not a winger and one-on-one against (Alphonso) Davis is impossible’.

‘It was Luc de Jong’s first game and also Coutinho’s early appearances.

‘Jordi Alba has a fever at night. Young players have shown the future. It will now take a few more weeks for Aguero, Ansu Fati and Dembele to return,’ Koeman said.