England pave the way for the Euro U-21 Championship with Spain

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England pave the way for the Euro U-21 Championship with Spain

Euro U-21 final draw, only one game left. Playoffs play out on Wednesday night, dark horses like Ukraine and Israel failed to survive. England compete for the cup with a formidable record But it’s definitely hard to face. “King of the Little Euros” like Spain Report from https://ufabet999.com

Kicked down quite quietly without current for our home. But it was quite a sensation in England when the “Little Lion” army was able to pave the way to the Euro U-21 final.

Still, the dream of becoming a champion for the first time in 39 years is not easy. When their championship partner is “Toei” of this cup like Spain, who hit the trophy in 5 rounds earlier.

Junior European Championships

Before coming to this year’s small European Championships at Romania/Georgia (Co-host) “Euro U-21” has played for 24 tournaments. or starting from 1978, thereby reducing the age From the original place, it was also the cup of the U-23 level.

The Euro U21s are played every two years, unlike the seniors who use the same time frame as the World Cup.

This tournament, which started on Wednesday, June 21, has 16 national teams participating in the final round, Germany as former champions, Spain and Italy as the top 5 champions.

As for Romania and Georgia , let alone the champions. It’s only been in the finals once in a while (Georgia was the first host this time, while Romania was the host in 1998), this time being a match-sharing co-host. For example, the opening match will be held in Romania, while the final will be held in Georgia.

For Germany, the results are quite brutal in this list, when all the last 3 times they are all going to the final match.

  • 2017 won Spain 1-0 to be the champion

    2019 lost to Spain 1-2 finished runner-up

    2021 defeated Portugal 1-0 to be the 3rd champion

Of course, this is a “baby-building” tournament in which many European superstars. have all passed through this stage and especially Young stars who win the Golden Player award each year have grown up to be ” stars”.

Take some examples for fun, 12 tournaments, 12 prizes.