Lloris apologizes to Spurs fans in embarrassing defeat.

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Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has apologized to Spurs fans following his embarrassing defeat by Newcastle United.

Spurs started the game like a nightmare, being broken by Newcastle 5-0 in the first 21 minutes. Although Harry Kane in the second half managed to hit the egg. But was hit by the home team to add another ball. Causing the game to end with an unbelievable score of 6-1 

Lloris, who only played in the first half before being substituted for Fraser Forster in the second half due to injury. said: “It’s disgraceful. We should apologize to the fans. We didn’t show the good side. And we can’t compete with the performances of the Newcastle players.

“We were late in everything in this game. And we were completely wrong in the early stages of the game. The second half is a different story. But it’s still really painful.” UFABET

“It’s not a matter of tactics. We just couldn’t fight and were slower. I thought Newcastle had a great performance. They are extremely aggressive. Attack from every direction where the ball is obtained.”

“It’s hard to assess performance. but not proud at all. You might get punched once or twice. But this is like we can’t react or get back at all.”