Germany performance quite brutal the Euro U-21 program

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Germany performance is quite brutal in the Euro U-21 program

Giants fall in a row

As Germany’s performance is quite brutal in the Euro U-21 program, when the last 3 times all went to the final match. and won 2 rounds

But forgiveness, coming to this draw. It seems that the “small set” will sprea by the virus from the “big set”.

Started with a 1-1 draw with Israel

, follow by a 1-2 loss to the Czech Republic. Being hit by a shot to win the 87th minute ending with a comfortable 0-2 loss to England.

Coach Antonio Di Salvo Germany ended in “first round elimination”, kind of being the group’s plum. Despite the presence of prominent players such as Youssoufa Mugo (Dortmund) or Kevin Chader (Brentford) in the team

As well, a strong team like the Netherlands cannot go to Group A. First-round elimination in 3rd place, to the surprise of hosts Georgia , who emerged as group winners. (and qualify with Portugal)

Or Group D, Italy , led by captain Sandro Tonali , Newcastle’s new superstar, Wilfried Yonto (Leeds), Pietro Pelegri (Tori No), Fabio Moretti (Juve) or Destiny Udogi (Tottenham Hotspur) ended up no different. When after winning 1 and losing 1 in the first two games, they then failed in the third game, losing 0-1 to Norway until dropping to 3rd place, then Switzerland behind France to go into the knockout round instead.

Olympic Quota Reach

One of the key points of Euro U-21 besides the championship. is to select European representatives Participate in men’s soccer at the next Olympic Games in 2024. Which will held in France.

Of the 4 quotas, it is certain that one of them must have France included in the list as the host nation.

The English part has cut off since seeing the name. When their football team has nothing to do with the AL, except for the ad hoc team of GB , as it used to be in the Ryan Giggs era, is still sleek.

That means that the remaining 3 quota. It came from among the teams that reached the Euro ‘playoffs’ this time, consisting of Israel, Spain and Ukraine. Report from ufabet